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Driving School Near Me is not only a driving school. What makes us different from other schools are that we go out of our way to help you pass the test the first time, regardless of passing our most important task is to ensure that when you leave us you are ready to face the roads alone. We don’t care about the perfect score, we care about safe drivers and safer roads.

Let Us Be Your Instructors

As a service provider, we pride ourselves in building relationships with our students which will further our cause in service delivery. We work hard to provide professional instruction in a controlled environment. Our promise to you:

  • We Value The Relationship With Our Students

    For you to reach your driving potential you need to trust that we have the ability to get you there. Trust comes from mutual respect, the ability and willingness to learn something new and be comfortable around a person, that is why we have instructors with a passion for teaching and a passion for people.

  • We Are Professionals In Driving Tuition

    The instructors at Driving Schools Near Me are professional experienced drivers who seek to teach others the skills which they have acquired. Our instructors are consistently improving their skills, keeping up with the latest driving trends and technology in order to provide the most updated information and driving tips.

  • Our Integrity Is Our Pride

    Integrity is the foundation on which our school is built on, it is one of the biggest aspects of our services that we pride ourselves on. We strive, to be honest in everything we do, we will encourage you, we will work hard with you but under no circumstances will we encourage bribery of traffic offers or examination officials in order to acquire your licence.

Driving School Near Me Team

We Have Reputable Contractors!

The contractors we entrust you with has gone through a screening process, we do not just trust anybody with the tuition of our students we have looked long and far for the best driving schools in the regions. Our contractors have gone through the process of evaluation by our professional experienced instructors to ensure that they have the qualities we are looking for in an instructor. We only use reputable driving schools, as it is our reputation on the line.


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Three Is the Magic Number!

We offer you the best tuition on the market and we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable behind the wheel. We build relationships with our students to ensure an open and honest communication stream, so we can encourage our students to become the best drivers they possible can.

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Contact us today to take a step in the direction of freedom and independence. We will get to work on getting your quotes to you as soon as possible, keeping you informed with the process. We are the driving school you have been looking for.

We Would Like To Hear Your Feedback

Get in touch with our friendly team via the contact us section of our website in order to tell us how you found our service. We welcome your comments which will only help us to improve.

If You Have To Complain We Won´t Ignore You!

We have a code of conduct that maintains a top quality of service in all aspects of our procedure! In the unlikely event you have an issue you can lodge a complaint through our customer service department which will be responded to within 24 hours and we will follow up with due diligence.

We Hand Pick Our Suppliers

Guaranteeing You The Best With Detailed Quotations For An Informed Decision

We will provide not one but three quotations from independent driving schools. Providing you with three quotations gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision on the different services available to you as a student. You will have comparative information on the number of lessons you receive, the associated costs as well as the detailed lesson inclusions. We want you to choose the school who caters to your needs.

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I approached DrivingSchoolNearMe because they could give me three quotes from driving schools in my area, so I did not have to call around and find out how much it would cost me to learn how to drive. I ended up choosing one of the quotes which they sent me as it was the most cost effective quote I received and the company was reputable. I found the experience quick and effortless and I would certainly recommend it to people who are looking for a driving school.
– Melissa Nielson


DrivingSchoolNearMe was my first choice in driving schools as it provided me with the opportunity to get in contact with various driving schools in my vicinity without having to contact any of them. They sent me three quotes from driving schools around me helping me to make an informed decision on which school to choose. I used DrivingSchoolNearMe as it was easy, no effort and efficient. I would certainly recommend this school to people who run a tight schedule and cannot afford to spend long periods of time on the phone calling around or searching the web.
– Jason


I was looking for a driving school where I could complete an advanced driving course as I wanted to learn how to react to situations which are not covered in everyday driving. I came across DrivingSchoolNearMe who put me in contact with various advanced driving schools in the vicinity. The experience was quick and easy as they provided me with quotes from reputable driving schools without any effort from me. I would recommend DrivingSchoolNearMe as the driving school to trust in helping you further your driving education.


I approached DrivingSchoolNearMe as their driving school was conveniently located close to my home. They helped work the lessons around my schedule in order for me to drive in different circumstances giving me opportunities to learn how to react in different driving situations. The willingness of the instructors to help me learn how to drive and how to take caution on the roads where plausible and I would definitely recommend them if you want to learn how to drive safely.
– Nick de la Ray


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