Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drive While Intoxicated

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Drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel is never a good idea. Still, people do so, reasoning that they “feel sober” or it’s “just a short drive away.”

 However, alcohol has the uncanny ability to inhibit good judgment and cloud your rational thinking which can lead to dangerous circumstances.

Most drivers too often underestimate the effects of alcohol on their minds and bodies. And in a task like driving that requires you to move and think simultaneously, you need to concentrate and keep your eyes on the road.

So before you drink that shot and consider driving back home, here are top of the reasons why you should put the glass down for now.

The More You Drink, The More Prone You are to Road Accidents

The legal limit of blood alcohol content is 0.08. When an officer pulls you over, ask you to take the test and pass, you’re off the hook.

However, if your BAC goes beyond the limit, you experience lack of muscle coordination, lack of self-control and reasoning as well as lesser focus and concentration.

The diminished body and mental functions could lead to severe collisions and accidents that can be fatal not just to you, but also people around you. Also, the officer can take you to jail and charge you with a DUI or DWI.

Jail Time and Fines

The laws surrounding DUI and DWI vary from state to another, but most of them prescribe jail time and hefty fines to arrested drivers who drink and drive.

Jail time could taint your public records, make you miss your work or even fail to get employment with some companies. Also, you’ll need to post bail and pay hefty fines.

You Could Lose Your License

Following the arrest for a DWI or DUI charge, you will appear in court and defend your case. You need a respectable and experienced DWI lawyer to represent you.

If you don’t win the hearing, the state could revoke your license. The loss of privilege to drive a vehicle can affect several aspects of your life, and the most significant impact is losing the convenience of driving to work.

You May Not be Able to Drive Commercially

If you have a history of DUI and DWI, you may also lose the privilege of being able to drive commercially.

If you wanted to drive a limo or Uber, you might have to consider other sources of income. There’s a huge possibility that losing a DUI or DWI hearing could cancel out or hinder your ability to get a commercial driver’s license.

You Will Pay Higher Insurance Premiums

Most people who drink and drive, and got pulled over or involved in car accidents may face paying higher insurance premiums soon. Or, you could lose your insurance policy entirely.

Drinking alcohol before driving can lead to severe consequences which can affect several areas of your life. If you intend to have some fun and more than a few drinks, consider designating a driver or hailing a cab.

Don’t want to get behind the wheel with a fuzzy head because that’s just the beginning of other ugly circumstances.

And most of all, remember that most of these consequences would have been preventable if you don’t drink and drive.  

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