You Need Our 9 Driving Test Tips to Pass the First Time

Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

Driving Test Tips

Dotting All The “I”’s And Crossing All The “T”’s With Our Driving Test Tips

Your driving test is the one test you can never prepare for enough, there are no number of lessons, no manuals detailed enough or internet video’s thorough enough to prepare you for the unpredictability of driving on the roads

. What we can do though is ensure that you have dotted all the “I”’s and crossed all the “t”’s in your preparation by providing you with driving test tips which will ensure that you pass your driving test the first time.

A Life Changing Day

There are few things in life we anticipate, whether it be our sweet sixteen, high school graduation or our Wedding Day, included in this very short list of life-changing days is the day we get our driver’s licence.

Getting our driver’s licence is much more than just being able to drive legally, it is the ability to go where you please, it is the independence and freedom that goes along with it.

Your driver’s licence symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in your life, it is the first step you take to adulthood.

Passing Your Driver’s Test The First Time

Just as important as the day we get to brag about obtaining the little card is being able to say you passed the test the first time.

Nothing compares to the relentlessness of your family’s mockery for having to attempt the driver’s test numerous times.

We have a detailed infographic for you to help you get prepared and pass your drivers licence the first time.

To enable you to get away from the relentless mockery we have put together a list of driving test tips to help clear your mind of anticipation and nerves, enabling you to perform your best.

“A well-lived life is like driving a car. Every time you get in the car you have a destination, but instead of putting it on auto-pilot (because cars don’t work like that yet), you get to make turns, go faster or slower and you have to make minor adjustments all along the way.” – Anonymous

Driving Test Tips

The first few things to know about your test is how it works. You have probably been running numerous scenarios through your head none of which will come close to what will really happen on the day and none as terrifying as your imagination has conjured up.

At the same time, you are probably chanting “Pass Driving Test” in your head trying to convince yourself it will increase your chances of passing.

The only thing your reminiscing will accomplish is stressing you out, making you more nervous than is necessary.

Your driving test does not consist of you jumping in behind the wheel and taking to the road with your examiner, there are processes and different stages:

  • On arrival at the testing station, you will be seated in the waiting area for your examiner to fetch you, do yourself a favor and make friendly conversation with the other student driver’s it will help you calm down and relax
  • Once your examiner calls your name, take a deep breath and follow him to the office where he will check your application papers. Although this is a remedial task, it is necessary to smile and wait out the paperwork.
  • The test will commence when you move your car to the inspection section, where your inspection section will commence.
  • The examiner will not join you in the vehicle during the yard test; he will walk around the car ensuring that you do not knock the parking barricades.
  • After completing the vehicle inspection and the yard test successfully the examiner will join you in the car for the road test.

If the examiner is texting or taking calls while you nervously look around and wonder if he is even seeing your mistakes or if he is doodling little pictures on the borders of your examination papers, do not stress this is what they do.

Once the examination has been completed, you will return to the office where your examiner will make a few notes on the examination page. After the completion of administrative matters, the results will be communicated to you.

Driving Instructor In Your Pocket

If you would have asked for an online driving instructor a few years ago people would have thought you are crazy, but today as we get closer to the 22nd century we have the ability to access the internet anywhere and anytime.

All of us have our favorite funny videos whether it is cat video’s, bloopers or Americas Funniest videos, we have all been there.

To make driving easier, find our funny learning video’s which will make you learn through your bounds of laughter.

“The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.” – Dudley Moore

PRO Test Tips

Here are some driving test tips to pass, if your test is tomorrow or in one month they will come in handy.

Now that you are calm regarding the “What to Expect”-aspect of the day, there are a few other things which will make passing easier:

1) Timing Is Everything

Do not rush the process of learning how to drive, it is a time consuming process which needs to be given the appropriate amount of time to develop through experience and countless hours of driving.

2) Plan Your Money

When you start learning how to drive, it is important to take into consideration all the different costing aspects thereof such as the cost of your learner’s licence, lessons, and the K53 driver’s licence test.

You do not want to add additional stress on yourself while you are worried about getting your licence.

3) Sign Up For Regular Driving Lessons

For a consistent learning curve, you need to receive regular lessons which will ensure that your progress is steady. The progress during your lessons will boost your confidence in your driving ability.

Aim for two hours of lessons per week, together with your steady learning and growing confidence your ability to remember the skills and training which you have learned will increase.

4) Keep Track Of Your Progress

Some instructors keep a log of your progress, to motivate you to keep working hard at becoming a better driver as you can follow your improvements and achievements.

A progress log is also kept to remind you of skills which still need to be acquired to master driving.

5) Practice, Practice And Oh Yeah Practice Some More

Driving two hours per week is not enough preparation to pass the test or for being a pertinent driver once you have your licence, you need to practice.

Choose a friend or a family member with a lot of patience who you trust or regard as a good driver to be your passenger and hit the roads, offer to drive them anywhere whether it be the local grocery store or the mall, get as much practice as possible.

6) Modern Technology Makes The World Go Round

With the technology available to us today there is no need to stay in the dark and not be prepared for the unexpected, use the online driving lessons, the driver’s manuals and online driving video’s to your advantage.

Remember to look for driving test tips South Africa when you are searching the web as the South African test requirements are different from other countries.

7) Mock Tests Are Your Secret Weapon

There are three different road test routes for the K53 Driving test, do yourself a favor and practice all three at least once.

Familiarizing yourself with the routes will settle your nerves putting your mind at ease in knowing what to expect.

8) Get Your Beauty Sleep

Having a clear mind is very important; go to sleep early to enable you to have a clear mind. If you think it will ease your nerves, arrange a lesson with your instructor to commence before the test.

9) Keep Calm And Pass Your Test

Deep breaths have always proven to calm a person’s nerves, if you feel your heart racing and your head pounding take a few deep breaths in and out to relax, don’t rush through the calming process, and take it one breath at a time allowing yourself to gradually relax.

Remember minor mistakes will not result in an immediate fail, do not dwell on minor mistakes concentrate on making the best of the chances you still have to make a good impression.

What To Look For In A Driving School

A school is a very personal experience so it is essential to make the right decision when you choose the school who you will trust to teach you the important life skill. When you choose a school you need to look for the following aspects:

  • Do they provide driving lessons in a language which you will easily understand
  • Does the driving school have qualified professional drivers who will be your instructors
  • Is there an instructor at the school who you will be comfortable to spend countless hours with during lessons
  • Are you obliged to have your own transport for the lessons or are there school vehicles available for use during the lessons
  • Is the program focus in line with your goals
  • Will the driving school provide you with support before the driving test to encourage you in learning the required skills

If you base your choice in driving schools on these aspects you will be sure to get a driving school which will utilize your need to the maximum and ensure that you will pass your driving test the first time.

You Will Be A Legal Eagle

Keeping a clear mind, relaxed, remembering the driving test tips and focusing on the goal of getting your licence is the winning recipe to becoming a legal driver in no time.

A driver’s licence is not just your legal permit to hit the roads without permission, it is a licence to your independence, you will not be dependent on friends and family to be your wheels as you will be free to embrace the freedom of having a licence.

We Are The Answer You Have Been Looking For

With your driving test tomorrow any tips will be useful, even if your test is not tomorrow it just means you have more time to watch online videos and reading manuals is only the tip of the iceberg of the amount of preparation that you need to do to pass your driving test.

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