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What You Ought To Know About Our Driving Lessons

The Secret Of Our Driving Lessons

Need best driving lessons? At our school, you will find instructors who have the qualifications, experience, skills and willingness to teach you all you need to know about the roads. Our school offers instructors who deliver a vast array of services to prospective driver’s including but not limited to:

  • Tuition for the learner’s license

  • Test preparations

  • Practical lessons

  • Driver’s license test preparation

  • Driving lesson tips

  • Assistance with test appointment

Introduction To Our Driving Courses

Driving School Near Me specialises in the tuition of the theoretical test and the preparation of students for the practical test.
Our expert instructors at the various locations throughout the country, will give you the confidence to pass your tests the first time. You will be taught the do’s and don’ts of driving, teaching you how to prevent bad driving habits and the meaning of safe driving.

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Which transmission do you prefer

Very few people know that you can complete your driver’s license in an automatic vehicle. You thus get to choose between an automatic and a manual transmission vehicle. If the word transmission can be used in many terms, but when referring to a vehicle it is the manner in which the gear is changed.
A lot of people will jump at the idea of completing their licenses automatically, who wouldn’t it is one less thing to worry about during your test but there is a catch. As in all things which seem easier in life, there must be one little thing to make the voice in your head go “wait, stop, maybe not”. The catch with completing your license in an automatic vehicle is that you are restricted to driving automatic vehicles. If you want to drive a manual vehicle later, you can, but you will have to redo your learner’s test and your driver’s license test.

So, does this restriction count for drivers who complete their license in a manual vehicle?
A driver whom completes their license in a manual transmission vehicle can drive any vehicle, there will be no restriction upon the transmission of the vehicle which they can drive.

What Do The Lessons Entail?

Drivers Licence


An average student usually requires between 4 and 30 hours of training in order to pass the K53 test. The number of required hours varies from the student’s abilities when they join the lessons. Our instructors will evaluate the new driver’s abilities to determine the amount of lessons required.
We understand that not all new drivers have vehicles so we provide you with the option to use one of our vehicles for your test. It is also recommended that you complete the test in the same vehicle that you completed your lessons as you will be more familiar with the required manoeuvers and therefore more confident during your test.

Basic Driving Lessons


The K53 Driving Lessons will cover all the essential aspects you need to know, including the pre-trip inspection and the parking manoeuvers which will take place as part of the yard test. We will teach you how to conquer the parallel parking, avoid the lines in the 3-point turn and miss the poles of the alley docking, all the while remembering all your checks. We will also teach you:

  • how not to slide back on the incline start

  • or shoot through the windscreen when you initiate the emergency stop.

Test Day


Remembering the observations during your test while concentrating on the correct indication procedures and the instructions of the examiner is a lot to focus on that is why we drill it into you during the lessons making everything feel like your second nature. The lessons will also cover driving on the freeway which is not necessarily required for the test but it is an essential skill to master before taking to the roads.
After all the lessons if the student driver still feels like they need support on the test day it can be arranged for their instructor to be present at the testing grounds for moral support.

On the successful completion of your test, you will be issued your temporary driver’s license which is your ticket to freedom on the roads.

Your learner’s license enables you to start booking your K53 Driving Lessons. We offer lessons for beginners through to advanced drivers. It does not matter how long you have been driving, if you have never driven before or if you have been driving all your life, getting your license is a whole new ball game.

K53 Driving Test

Your License Is Around The Turn

The best way to learn is with the one on one attention of our expert instructors but as life has the ability to consume our time, we have thought a litter further using modern technology to help you. There are driving lesson videos to jog your memory along with the Driving Lesson download, we want to make it as easy and effortless for you to acquire the necessary skills.

Driving Lessons

Take The First Step Towards Your License

Driving School (ZA) is a highly qualified team of professionals with the patience, experience, and knowledge to help you achieve your learner’s and driver’s license in the easiest most effortless manner possible without the process costing you thousands because we are dedicated to our students.

We will assist you in understanding the theory behind driving, preparing for your test, show you the do’s and don’ts of your practical test and be your support system in becoming independent. We are your coaches, we are your instructors and we are what you need to pass your tests as quickly as possible. So take the first step to getting your license, give us a call to find out more about the driving lessons.

Simply consult this guide and book without delay.


Following these 10 simple steps is an easy way to ensure that you are prepared for your driver’s test.


With our instructors conveniently located near you, you will have easily accessible, professional tuition ensuring that you adhere to all the requirements of the K53 yard test through to the road test.


Passing motorcycle test is not easy, knowing what you can and cannot do during your motorcycle driving test eliminates any surprises.

When you're ready to book your lessons, make sure you select a driving school that suits your needs.

Do they provide driving lessons in a language which you will easily understand?

Does the driving school have qualified professional drivers who will be your instructors?

Are you obliged to have your own transport for the lessons or are there school vehicles available for use during the lessons?

Will the driving school provide you with support before the driving test to encourage you in learning the required skills?


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