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Advanced Driving

Turn Into An Advanced Driver With Our Advanced Driving School

Need Advanced Driving School?

Few people are prepared for their first thunderstorm, hail barrelling down on the car, tires slipping on the road or bursting or seeing the car in front of you breaking so hard you can feel your tires skidding as you try and avoid the.

These are just not scenarios which are covered when you learn how to drive.

  • Your driving lessons do not teach you how to how to react to all situations which may occur, that is why there are specialists in the field. We have dedicated professional and experienced instructors at our advanced driving schools, ready to make you beyond average.
  • There is no official definition for advanced driving but if there was it would be pretty close to using skills and responsibility to make reasonable progress unobtrusively through controlling the position and speed of the vehicle in a safe manner. The skills required entail a courteous attitude along with a high standard of driving competence which is based on all around concentration, anticipation, and planning, these skills are implemented through good handling techniques. It is important that the car is in the right place at the right time, traveling at the appropriate speed with the correct gear engaged in order for you to stop at a safe distance.

What Can Advanced Driving Lessons Offer You

There are a lot of additional courses that people consider to enhance their skills whether it is to increase knowledge in a study field or to learn new hobbies.

This is a hobby which can enhance your driving skills and with all skill enhancing courses there are advantages:

  • The course makes motorists better, safer and more competent drivers
  • Safer and systematic driving will make drivers more confident in their abilities
  • Reduced wear and tear on the vehicle will lead to reduced motoring costs
  • Vehicle parts such as the brakes, clutch and gears will be used smoothly and in sync with the car and the road
  • Your insurance premium will be lower if you have an advanced course behind your name
  • Advanced drivers will have reduced stress
  • Lowered fuel cost due to improved fuel consumption

95% of accidents are caused by a human error due to the incompetence of drivers, with most driver’s thinking that they are both safer and more skillful than the average driver’s.

The need for advanced courses was identified and designed to contribute to road safety in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Different Stages Of Advanced Driving


Enables the driver to identify hazards on the road and understand the safe use of vehicles.

• Training on defensive driving techniques
• Ability to predict the traffic in advance
• Raise your road awareness levels through the core principles
• Constantly moving your eyes to evaluate your surroundings
• Communication and signals to other driver’s
• The controls of a vehicle


This level has been designed to heighten the driver’s awareness on the road.

While implementing the smooth and economical application of the vehicles control’s. This level will include:
• One-on-one in-car training with the instructor


Preparing the driver for the smooth, economical application of the defensive driving system

Enhancing the driver’s ability to control the vehicle in emergency situations. Upon the finalization of your training the last part of the course will include:
A practical evaluation and certification

There are different levels of advanced driving, the levels contain different work which is covered and as you progress through the ranks you will be increasing your value as a driver.

Referring to the course as having lessons can be quite confusing because you would expect it to consist of practicing scenario’s in a parking area as practice makes perfect, that is why we have put the course into perspective.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay

It is common practice in the business world to make everything with the word advanced in it more expensive.

You can take the high road and argue that it is a specialized course and that the instructors had to pay for their tuition and you are paying for their knowledge, but there will always be that little voice in the back of your mind thinking that they are ripping you off.

We believe that enhancing your skills should not be weighed down by ridiculous prices, quite frankly the cheaper we can make the lessons the more competent drivers there will be on the roads and that is why.

We provide you with three quotes from our best advanced driving schools in South Africa.

We will help you to make an informed decision by providing you not only the course prices but also a breakdown of what each supplier course entails; we want to make sure you have as much information available to you.

It Is All About Location

We understand the importance of finding a service provider in your vicinity as not to obstruct your daily schedule.

Learning a new skill should require little effort in trying to make it fit into your life as it is additional to your daily working requirements.

We need to face the reality that advanced lessons are a specialized service which is not available in all locations.

We try our best to provide lessons in all possible locations as we want drivers to be safer and more competent on the road. Currently, we offer lessons in:

  • Johannesburg
  • Kyalami
  • Durban

Gauteng is our predominant location for these specialized lessons, we have found find the best advanced driving schools. Schools such as BMW Zwartkops has agreed to be on our contractor role amongst other sought after schools.

We understand that not all drivers can afford to cruise around in which is why you can enroll in the course no matter what you drive whether it be an Audi, Renault or a Fiat, we do not discriminate against your preference in a motor vehicle.

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

You might be feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of information which you have just received, wondering about available dates for the course, do you actually want to take on such a big task and will you be able to pay the fees.

Don’t worry about the details, that is why we are here, focus on becoming a competent and safe driver while leaving the details of fees, dates, locations and instructors to us.

If you want more information, if you are wondering about the course or the fees give us a call and one of our consultants can address all your queries in a swift and efficient manner.

We will answer all your questions and if we do not know the answer we will find out the correct answers for you because knowledge is key.

Trust the best advanced driving school in South Africa to be your guide to safer more competent roads.

We will teach you how to protect yourself, we want to make sure that you have the necessary skill get your family to your destination.

Find the Best Driving School Near Me NOW.

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Advanced Driving School

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