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We Have Table Mountain In The Rear View Mirror At Our Driving School In Pietermaritzburg

Waking up to the view Table Mountain, a view which is so magnificent that it is one the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World, as the sun comes up casting shades of orange and red it is a sight to behold. People who move to this cosomopolitan region after living in the hustle and bustle of business capitals, all have a similar view regarding moving back, it is just not happening. Surrounded by the calming sounds of crashing waves lapping against the beaches, the is city known for its chilled vibe and urban slang, it is definitely the perfect spot for our driving school in Pietermaritzburg.

Our best schools are situated in different, easily accessible locations, ensuring that you can get to us no matter where you are. You can spot a driver from Gauteng anywhere and then we are not referring to the GP number plate, it just looks like they are driving too fast and recklessly. You drive on Pietermaritzburg time when you are down at the coast, that is why this region is known for their chilled drivers, where driving 120km/h is deemed unnecessary because there is no worry about running late.

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Driving Schools In Pietermaritzburg

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With the tranquil air brought by the ocean breeze and the mountain which looks like a table in your rear view mirror, there are few things which will create a better atmosphere to learn in, so it makes sense that we will have a school situation in this region. The services we offer in this beautiful city are:

We cover the entire region of Pietermaritzburg including:

  • Copesville
  • Hayfields
  • Imbali
  • Intaba Ridge Estate
  • Lincoln Meade
  • Lynnfield Park
  • Mkondeni
  • Montrose
  • Mountain Rise
  • Northdale

  • Oak Park
  • Pelham
  • Pietermaritzburg Central
  • Prestbury
  • Raisethorpe
  • Scottsville
  • The Grange
  • Wembley
  • Winterskloof

So, if you are not licenced to be on the road yet, you will soon be one if you follow our steps to help you prepare for your drivers test.

Our useful checklist will tell any novice exactly what they need to know.
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When you're ready to book your lessons, make sure you select a driving school that suits your needs.

Do they provide driving lessons in a language which you will easily understand?

Does the driving school have qualified professional drivers who will be your instructors?

Are you obliged to have your own transport for the lessons or are there school vehicles available for use during the lessons?

Will the driving school provide you with support before the driving test to encourage you in learning the required skills?

The Driver’s Licence Package

The aim of the course is to prepare the learner driver for the K53 driver’s licence test. We will prepare you for the test the best way there is by practicing. We will be driving in towns, on the highways and practicing the parking manoeuvres in constructed parking areas which are constructed to the specifications of the yard test.

Pass Your Learner’s Test With Ease

We offer to help you study the relevant K53 learner’s material.

The Big Red ‘L’

The theoretical test has certain requirements and the licence can only be obtained once all the minimum requirements per the section have been met:

  • vehicle controls
  • rules of the road
  • road signs

Need Driving Lessons?

Passing your driving test first time around is our focus.

Learning to Drive in Pietermaritzburg

Learning to drive can be one of the most exciting and nerve wracking experiences of your life. You want to feel confident when sitting behind the wheel of a car, and that’s what we’re here for.

Advanced Driving School

You tell us your driving goal and we ensure that you get there.

Advanced Driving Lessons

Choose from a range of courses and improve your driving experience. From defensive driving and collision avoidance to high performance driving.

We’ve Made Pietermaritzburg Driving Lessons Simple.

Trust The Best And Cheapest Driving School In Pietermaritzburg To Teach You How To Drive

We give you the latest driving tips and share with you the best techniques to ensure you are ready to face the roads on your own with confidence that you will be safe on the roads.

Simply consult this guide and book without delay.


Following these 10 simple steps is an easy way to ensure that you are prepared for your driver’s test.


With our instructors conveniently located near you, you will have easily accessible, professional tuition ensuring that you adhere to all the requirements of the K53 yard test through to the road test.


Passing motorcycle test is not easy, knowing what you can and cannot do during your motorcycle driving test eliminates any surprises.

Contact us today to find out more about our dedicated instructors, our services and what we can offer you.



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– Meghan Lagler

I had to find the best suitable driving school for one of my employees. Driving School Near Me assist me in finding the perfect instructor within my employee’s budget and convenience. It made my employee stress less and boosted his confidence to pass his driver’s test. I would advise any business to use Driving School Near Me in order choose the right driving school for your employees.
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