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The region that is known for the hotness of its curry, you can practically smell the spices and herbs as you enter the region, not to mention they can brag with the best driving school in Durban. A region that is known for it’s African, Indian and colonial influences filled with attractions such as uShaka Marine World, aquatic theme parks and the futuristic Moses Mabhida Stadium along where the demons in life are turned into hope at the Government Rehabilitation Centres in Durban.

Durban is filled with a wide variety of cultures, entertainment at the Suncoast Casino, and we make it our business to enhance these cultural experiences through the incorporation thereof in our activities such as the Umgeni River Bird Park and the Mitchell Park Zoo where you will find fun in the sun for the whole family. Our professional instructors are equipped to incorporate the beautiful seaside into the lessons, to enrich your driving experience with beautiful scenery while educating you on safe driving and tips to pass your test.

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Driving School In Durban

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We operate in all key cities in South Africa! Get more information on which areas we cover closer to you.

Our Driving Schools In Durban Are Close To You

Our driving schools are conveniently situated around Durban, enabling us to have easy access to all our students without wasting too much time. The driving lessons we offer include:

We cover Durban from the North Central to the South Central, Outer West to the Inner West, which means we basically cover Durban from the North to the South. Covering cities are all fine and dandy but the real question is which roads we will teach you to navigate, roads such as the M4, N2, N3, your King Cetshwayo Highway and Sydney Road.

We cover the entire region of Durban including:

  • North Central
  • South Central
  • North
  • Inner West
  • South
  • Berea & Musgrave
  • Chatsworth
  • City Centre

So, if you are not licenced to be on the road yet, you will soon be one if you follow our steps to help you prepare for your drivers test.

Our useful checklist will tell any novice exactly what they need to know.
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When you're ready to book your lessons, make sure you select a driving school that suits your needs.

Do they provide driving lessons in a language which you will easily understand?

Does the driving school have qualified professional drivers who will be your instructors?

Are you obliged to have your own transport for the lessons or are there school vehicles available for use during the lessons?

Will the driving school provide you with support before the driving test to encourage you in learning the required skills?

The Driver’s Licence Package

We teach you how to navigate the roads which are the locations for accidents, we want you to be safe no matter which roads you are driving.

Sit Your Test With Confidence

Prepare properly to pass your test first time.

Learners Test

Be confident and pass your K53 learners with ease, know what to expect in the test:

  • Use of vehicles controls
  • Rules of the road
  • Road & warning signs

Encouraging Better & Safer Driving

Passing your driving test first time around is our focus.

Learning to Drive in Durban

Learning to drive can be one of the most exciting and nerve wracking experiences of your life. The training you receive with us will make you a competent and confident driver for life!

Advanced Driving Courses

Improve your skills, drive with maximum enjoyment and challenge.

Advanced Driving Lessons

Choose from a range of advanced driving courses from defensive driving and collision avoidance to high performance driving.

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We’ve Made Durban Driving Lessons Simple.

Trust The Best And Cheapest Driving School In Durban To Teach You How To Drive

To add a little more spice in the recipe we are one of the few Code 14 Driving Schools in Durban. For those of you who do not know what the Code 14 driver’s licence is, it is the nifty little driver’s licence card which enables driver’s to drive the biggest baddest trucks on the road.

Simply consult this guide and book without delay.


Following these 10 simple steps is an easy way to ensure that you are prepared for your driver’s test.


With our instructors conveniently located near you, you will have easily accessible, professional tuition ensuring that you adhere to all the requirements of the K53 yard test through to the road test.


Passing motorcycle test is not easy, knowing what you can and cannot do during your motorcycle driving test eliminates any surprises.

Contact us today to find out more about our dedicated instructors, our services and what we can offer you.


Through the busy streets of Durban, we will teach you how to navigate the small busy roads filled with pedestrians. Durban is a town waiting to burst at the seams with endless possibilities of freedom for a new driver. A city covered in majestic material, the spicy nip of seaside air and cold saltwater of the ocean is some of the few things we love about the culturally filled marine town.


We are not only the best we are also the cheapest driving school in Durban. Entrust us with your willingness to learn and believe that we will do all we can to ensure that you receive the best tuition possible. Contact us to find out more about our locations, our schools, and our instructors because there is no better option in schools than us.



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I contacted DrivingSchoolNearMe because a friend of mine had recommended the school as she had completed her learner’s and driver’s licence through them. They immediately assisted me by evaluating my driving skills, which was pretty much non-existing, and provided me with three quotes. Today I can drive without worrying about a lamppost jumping in front of the car or accidentally hitting a pedestrian on the roads, the driving school taught me how to be vigilant and conservative, I would never have been able to pass my driving test without them. I would definitely recommend them to any beginner learner who is seeking to learn how to drive.
– Meghan Lagler

I had to find the best suitable driving school for one of my employees. Driving School Near Me assist me in finding the perfect instructor within my employee’s budget and convenience. It made my employee stress less and boosted his confidence to pass his driver’s test. I would advise any business to use Driving School Near Me in order choose the right driving school for your employees.
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