Life Changing Decision When You Want To Learn To Drive

Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

Learn To Drive

Make The Right Decisions When You Learn To Drive

Are you in the market to learn to drive but you have absolutely no idea where to begin learning, who to approach what you need to know or how to go about making your appointments?

Do not break your head about the small stuff that is why there are experts in the industry who know what you need to know, who knows what you need to get you where you are heading and who knows how the confusing department of transportation in your local province operates.

Why You Should Learn How To Drive

We never think it can happen to us, but the reality is it can happen to anybody. We can never prepare for medical emergencies, accidents around the house or at work, we cannot prepare for the unforeseen because then it probably would not happen.

What goes through your head if you think that you are alone at home with a sibling, a spouse or your beloved child and they are seriously injured.

The obvious answer which will be flashing through your head is “Well I would get in my car and take them to hospital” but what if you never learned how to drive?

The time between calling emergency services, waiting for them to arrive and then tending to your loved one compared to being able to load them into the car to take them to the hospital can be life or death.

Let’s take a step back from the extreme of life and death, propose you do not have a job but you are looking for one and you receive an opportunity for an interview, how will you get there?

Friends and family will be at work, they can’t be your taxi on call, asking for a lift on social media (well if you are open to getting into a car with a weirdo, good luck to you) or public transportation where you will be subjected to schedules which are often behind schedule are your other options.

“When I’m driving behind a learner driver I often tailgate and try to overtake. It gives me a brief sense of superiority justified by the fact I’m conditioning them to handle annoying drivers”


Have You Thought About The Vehicle You Want

What do you want to drive?

It may seem like a simple question the answer is “A vehicle” until you start taking into consideration the different aspects of the question, what does a vehicle mean to you:

One of the biggest decisions is choosing between an automatic vehicle and a manual vehicle.

Apart from choosing between manual and an automatic vehicle, you have to choose between a car, motorbike or a truck as all these vehicles require different driver’s licences.

Your Choice In Vehicles Speak For Itself

Do you strive to be the next Michael Schumacher, Valentino Rossi or Mater (yes we know Mater is a fictional character but can you really think of a better trucker than our beloved Cars character?) then now is the time to decide.

Michael Schumacher is a seven-time formula one world champion, this German race-car driver has given every driver something to aspire towards in their driving, driving like a maniac, getting away with it and well not killing yourself in the process. Jokes.

By using our driving school, you might not turn into a Schumacher but you will very well have the skills to drive your car whether it is an automatic or a manual car, how to take the turn and park like a professional.

Or are you the Italian on his motorcycle stallion, Valentino Rossi a multiple titles MotoGP World Champion?

Like a blue lightning strike, he conquers the tracks leaving other driver’s in his wake and is that not the whole point of a motorcycle, having the ability to control the unquenchable horsepower beneath you as you watch the cars become dots in your mirrors.

We have a detailed infographic for you to help you get prepared and pass your drivers licence the first time.

While racing is not a practice we specialize in at our driving school, you can learn to drive a motorbike, we can teach you to tame the beast and implement safe driving skills, the skill to avoid motorists, all the while enjoying the power you behold.

Maybe you want to be all of the above and you strive to be Mater. Now while we know he is a fictional character there is no doubting the sassiness of this trucker.

With his relentless attitude, quick moves and willingness to help we know why we cannot get enough of him.

And you can be a Mater, at our driving school you can learn to drive a truck where we can teach you how to control one of the largest most imposing vehicles found on our roads.

Incorporating Driving Into Social Media

Who would have thought that the 22nd century would provide us with countless opportunities to use the little device we carry around religiously to assist in the process of learning.

You have access to “learn to drive a car online simulation” along with “learn to drive movies” not to mention the “learn to drive online video’s” and “learn to drive a car pdf”-documents, modern technology even allows us access to “learn to drive games” but let us start with a stomach clutchingly funny video of learning to drive.

Me – “I failed my driver’s test

Driving Teacher – “What do you do at a red light?”

Me – “I usually respond to texts and check my Facebook”


The Big Decision Between Manual and Automatic

Now that we have the hardest decision, we have to make another decision which will affect our driving careers, automatic or manual.

Vehicles have two transmission options for cars namely manual and automatic transmission.

This means that with a manual system the driver engages in shifting the gear whereas in an automatic the car shifts gear automatically.

So what is the big difference, when you learn to drive manual cars you as the driver decides when to shift gear whereas in an automatic car the vehicle decides when to shift gears.

It is important to remember when you are using a manual car that the driver needs to change gears before the tachometer (the RPMs gauge) reaches the red line.

The red line is a warning sign, like most signs in red, and indicates that if the RPM gauge reaches above the red line that you can cause damage to the engine.

At our driving school, you can learn in a manual car or an automatic car.

It is very important to remember that if you complete your driver’s licence in an automatic car you will be restricted to only automatic cars if you decide to switch to a manual car you will have to redo both your learner’s and driver’s licence test.

When you learn to drive a manual car, you will have no restriction regarding the transmission process on the car.

Time To Choose A Driving School

Now that you have decided between our hero’s and on the transmission of the car it is time to decide on your driving school.

Driving like Schumacher, Rossi, and Mater requires professional instructors with a specific skill set and the best driving school in town, well actually you need us.

When you look at a driving school you will have to look for the following aspects:

These are some of the basic requirements to look for, and yes we provide all these elements and more because we care about our students and we strive to provide the best possible service in the market.

Learning To Drive Will Change Your Life

It may seem like a trivial task to learn the how behind driving, on which you have to spend time and money.

You might think it is money better spent on other things, but in the long run, driving will be essential to your lifestyle.

Driving gives you the ability to be independent, it enables you to take things in your own hands whether it is to get to the doctors, interviews or to go for a braai.

The driving ability is a necessity for the 22nd century, we cannot imagine a day without feeling the power of such a magnificent machine around us.

Take Control Of Your Future By Giving Us A Call

Why are you willing to make yourself forever dependent on other people if you have the means available to empower yourself with a little card which gives you permission to get to the hospital in time or to get to the interview of your dream job.

Learn to drive today and take control of your tomorrow, all you have to do is give us a call or leave us a message and one of our consultants will assist you in all your queries.

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