Editorial Guidelines

Our Team’s Integrity Is Never for Sale

DrivingSchoolNearMe Editorial Team

Our Editorial Standards

DrivingSchoolNearMe is on a mission to provide leading information on the top South African driving schools. We do so with honesty and integrity at our core. Our team is always gathering essential information for new drivers in South Africa.

All articles, posts and information provided by DrivingSchoolNearMe have been thoroughly researched, edited and fact-checked before publication. Furthermore, we constantly review old content to ensure it’s up-to-date.

No Direct Lessons

While DrivingSchoolNearMe provides connections to and information about the leading driving schools in South Africa, we do not offer direct lessons ourselves.

Unbiased Reporting

We endeavour to create content that’s unbias and objective to aid our readers in discovering the best driving school opportunities for their individual needs. We intend to aid South Africans from all walks of life.

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Thomas Hall
DrivingSchoolsNearMe Founder

Thomas is an advanced driver and driving instructor who teaches new candidates, along with advanced driver’s, the skills to enhance their driving competence and make them the best driver’s to their ability.