Top 6 Benefits When You Join a Driving School Today.

Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

Join a driving school near you today

Top 6 Benefits When You Join a Driving School Today

Are you 40 and still on the bicycle?

No matter what your age is, don’t be left behind when you are ready to try out for your licence. There are countless benefits when you decide to join a driving school.

Does the uncertainty still bite?

Let the Top 6 Benefits Why to convince you why driving schools can be beneficial to you.

If the benefits don’t convince you, let convenience do! Quickly do a 7-point check on what a driving school should offer you and what you can expect.

Your Freedom Is Only a Licence Away.

Freedom is what we all want, right?

Imagine relaxing against that comfortable seat. Turning on the radio to hear your favourite song playing. Feeling the adrenaline of being alone on the open road.

Gliding your hands over your steering wheel and finally turning the key…just to realise you are in your garage, staring at your closed front gate; wishing to drive through it.

Why not make that dream a reality, today? Did I say today?

Well, maybe in the coming months, but make sure when you go you get it right the first time!

Obtaining your licence is not a one day process. No matter how old or skilled driver you are, getting your licence takes time and practice. But don’t let the process stand in the way of your freedom.

Drive schools have the time and knowledge to help you practice!

Shorten the process and even have fun when practising for your licence.

Are you a parent, teenager or adult reading this?

The following top 6 benefits on why you should join a driving school will outline a broad picture of how getting your licence can be less stressful.

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“Learning to drive can be an exciting yet scary and dauntless task. Well-meaning friends and family members are not always the best people to learn from” – Colonial Driving School

6 benefits why you should join a driving school

Do you feel an inch closer to that open road freedom? Not yet?

Participate in a driving school near you today!

Are you still asking whether it is beneficial to invest in a driving school?

The answer is yes. Here are six reasons why:

#1 Pass the First Time

A driving school consists out of professional instructors and trained teachers.

Equipped with knowledge of what is required when going for your licence they will have you driving with the needed skills; including knowing the specific state standards for both written and driving tests.

Also, learning you the basics are important to pass the first time!

Consider traffic laws and signs, safety rules and road signs. Not to mention lane changing, blind spots and mirror checks. All this you can easily learn at a driving school.

#2 Be the Smartest on the Road

If you think you have accomplished all road signs and traffic rules, that is great. But being smart on the road takes more than just knowing your rules.

A driving school can learn your teenager, yourself or your friend essential road skills.

For example, accident-avoidance techniques can be critical in unexpected road situations. Being able to handle challenging road situations can make you a smarter driver.

#3 Be Safe and Save Money

A driving school develop necessary need-to-have skills and abilities when driving on the road.

Being more cautious and smart on the road can save you or a fellow driver from possible accidents. Learning techniques that help you avoid accidents can lead to a safer journey, every day.

Taking out car insurance can be expensive, especially being a new driver with less experience. Avoiding accidents and law violations can save you extra expenses on car insurance.

For example, when you have a zero accident record you will pay less insurance than the person who was already three times in a road accident. Gain the required experience and skills at a driving school.

#4 Build and Boost Your Road Confidence

By now you probably want to be a smart driver, right?

Being smart is not only safer it also builds confidence when on the road. Knowing your traffic rules and road signs give you that extra confidence boost when you are going for your licence.

Knowing your basics during both the yard and road test will give you that extra confidence others might not necessarily have.

Attending a driving school will provide enough reassurance to the licence applicant to be self-assured and ready for any test coming their way.

The more confidence you have, the better your overall driving abilities will be.

#5 Let the Experts In

You can drive perfect- the wrong way. When you learn to drive, you can easily unconsciously learn the incorrect way of driving.

Attending driving lessons can help avoid this. With professional assistance and trained teachers, you will become a confident and smart driver.

Learning valuable skills and techniques can be the difference in obtaining your licence the first time or not. Joining a driving school will help explain the latest traffic regulations and various safety information you need to know.

Having a professional instructor can help you lessen any road uncertainties, help you avoid wrong driving habits and lift your road confidence. Why not drive perfect, the right way the first time?

#6 Double Your Road Hours

Having the freedom to drive comes with responsibility. Being part of a driving school assist you to log driving hours on the road before going for your licence.

It immediately enables you to be street wise and much more confident. Feeling comfortable and self-assured behind the steering wheel place you in an advantage position during your test.

Practising on the road gives you the opportunity to get used to the road, traffic signs and rules. The freedom is in your reach; just need to grab it!

Not Just Any Driving School. Choose the Best.

Before you make your choice on which driving school you want to attend, complete the following 7-point checklist:

Before you make your choice on which driving school you want to attend, complete the following 7-point checklist:

  • Is the instructor at the driving school registered at the Southern African Institute of Driving Instructors (SAIDI)? It is not a compulsory requirement but might give you the reassurance of safe and first-rate driver training
  • Does the driving instructor have a valid certificate? It refers to the legal document authorising a person to charge for professional training. Accepting training from an unregistered instructor is at own risk.
  • Is the vehicle the driving school use, roadworthy and visibly signed-marked; this contributes to the authenticity of the driving school.
  • Is the vehicle the driving school use, roadworthy and visibly signed-marked; this contributes to the authenticity of the driving school.
  • What exactly includes the total amount you pay for the lesson(s)?
  • Does the driving school offer pick-up and drop-off services?
  • Does the lesson include individual or group lessons? Pre-determine whether you have a single or shared lesson, but still need to pay full time?

Know your do’s and don’ts!

Favourite Quote

“Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen – they are caused.” – Ernest Greenwood

Next Steps & Call To Action

Are you 40 and still on the bicycle?

Don’t be left behind. Be confident and street-wise when trying out for your licence.

Whether you are an adult or teenager, benefit by joining a driving school near you, today!

My Personal Takeaways

I agree with Proverb when he writes the following: “Better a thousand times careful than once dead.” Obtaining your licence is a big step in your life.

The consequences can be even greater. Whether you are an adult or teenager, you are never too old to learn. Join a driving school today and strengthen your driving skills, learn the road and traffic signs and be safe on the road.

Have memorable moments on the road by choosing to be a street-wise driver.

Closer to Be Convinced?

For professional assistance and training consider going to a driving school prior your provisional driver’s licence.

Doing so will not only help you drive safe and attentively, but it will benefit you in numerous ways. In short, you can benefit by passing the first time; being smart on the road; building road confidence; receiving professional assistance and double the hours you are on the road.

Being cautious when choosing the right driving school is important, especially when investing a lot of money in one. Using the 7-point checklist will guide you during the choice of the perfect driving school.

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Find the Best Driving School Near Me NOW.

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