Do Speed Cameras Reduce Serious Road Accidents?

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Some argue that speed cameras are an ineffective technology thats main use is for fleecing money from motorists. On the other hand, many have hailed the invention as a lifesaving initiative.

Considering the modern day road insanity being characterized by indiscipline and drunk drivers, should speed cameras should be installed on more roads?

There is also another category that considers speed cameras as an efficient and effective weapon against over speeding.

Most individuals in these different categories seem to agree on one general view, that this technology is an intrusion into personal life and freedom.

Who is right?

And do speed cameras really reduce serious road accidents? Here are some global road fact you should consider before making your judgment on this sensitive topic.

Irrespective of your views about speed cameras, their presence in the roads tend to cause a natural response for drivers to reduce their speed.

This lowers the chances of them crashing and greatly reduces the number of road fatalities. Research conducted recently by the University of Queensland revealed that roads installed with speed camera recorded a drop in the average driving speeds.

These sentiments were also echoed from Australia by a review from the Transport for New South Wales encouraging the adoption of speed cameras nationwide since it has greatly enhanced road safety in that specific state.

Also, analysis of traffic data from across the United Kingdom by the RAC Foundation suggests that the number of tragic accidents within the vicinity of the speed cameras fell sharply by more than 25 % after their installation.

Moreover, a report from Cochrane medical group based in the UK reviewed numerous studies of speed outcomes and their conclusion was that across all 35 cases studied, there was a consistency of reduction of average speed and fewer crashes reported after installation of speed cameras.

The findings further suggested that the technology is a good road investment which assists in reduction of road injuries and fatalities.

There is plenty of evidence which supports the adoption of speed cameras for road sanity and safety.

But why are many motorists hesitant to the use of this modern road technology?

Research suggests the pessimism in this lot may be attributed to fear of manipulation by roads authority through the cameras to inflict hefty fines and penalty points on their driving license.

Such measures further horrify most drivers due to the damaging effect these points have on your car insurance.

However, if you abide by the road rules and drive within the speed limits there is no need to fear speed cameras. The majority of the motorist who get caught breaking traffic rules by speed cameras are mostly intoxicated and disorderly.

They are hesitant to accept the responsibility of driving safely and rush hurriedly on roads endangering people’s lives. It is ridiculous for a motorist to blame the location of the speed van on or the person looking through the speed camera for irresponsible road behavior.

A driver is the only individual in charge of regulating the car acceleration and should observe their speedometer while driving to ensure they are in perfectly safe speed.

So, do speed cameras reduce serious road accidents? My answer is a definite yes!

Lisa is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about subjects such as road safety, women in sport and travel, and when isn’t writing can be found relaxing with a good book.

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