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Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

Before You Start Reading, Have You Registered to Receive Your FREE Lesson?

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The How and What About Driving Schools

You made a choice, but now what?

You came to the point where you want to join a driving school, but what steps do you follow next?

How do you find the perfect school that meets all your requirements?

Let this article guide you in the right direction; how to choose the right driving school and what procedures you can expect during the lessons.

As an adult or teenager, you don’t need that extra load of pressure when you finally decide to obtain your licence.


Avoid being a Poor Susan!

First, it was the transport to and from the driving school. Then she found out that she has lessons with five other anxious learners.

And when she and the drawly instructor finally wanted to hit the road, she realised she had to provide a vehicle. Poor Susan had a rough time obtaining her licence.

But all this can be avoided when you choose the right driving school and exactly knowing what they offer.

Having to choose from various driving schools with each offering different packages can be overwhelming.

Make the right choice by reading the two user-friendly How and What guides. If you don’t feel confident getting that licence the first time after reading the guides, read them again!

“I don’t know driving in another way which isn’t risky. Each one must improve himself. Each driver has its limit. My limit is a little bit further than others.” – Ayrton Senna, Brazilian Formula One driver.

Two Guides that Will Make Choosing a Driving School Less Stressful for You

Don’t let the process of getting a licence stop you from getting one. Driving schools know exactly what you as learner require; from learning the vehicle inspection to the actual yard and road test.

Remember the less stress you have, the more you can focus on developing your ability to drive proficiently. Use the 5-Point Guideline to choose the perfect driving school for you.

Be prepared!

After you have made your choice on which driving school you want to attend you are entitled to know what to expect. See the General 6-Point What to Expect List for guidance.

The 5-Point Guideline in Choosing the Perfect Driving School for You.

Take five! Save time and money by keeping the following 5-point guideline in mind before choosing the right driving school.

#1 Accreditation

Before considering selecting a driving school, first determine whether it is a registered body at the Southern African Institute of Driving Instructors (SAIDI).

This national organisation is the primary body for all driving instructors in South Africa. Make sure that the driving school you attend has instructors who are accredited and qualified to assist you the best way possible.

Also, verify if the driving school’s vehicle is roadworthy and meets all road safety requirements.

#2 Instructor

Are you feeling the pressure?

Not because you’re driving on the road for the very first time, but for the rude and impatient instructor mumbling next to you?

It is important to have a professional teacher who understands your situation.

If you pay for a package deal at a driving school, you don’t want to quit after the first lesson due to the instructor. Ask beforehand who will be your teacher. Again, make sure he or she is SAIDI certified.

#3 Experience

You don’t want to waste your time with a driving school who doesn’t know what they are doing.

Verify for how long they are in business; do they know road regulations; and can they provide you with the necessary vehicle and safety education you require?

#4 Success Rate

Don’t miss out on the sensation after you’ve passed your licence the first time!

Predetermine the success rate of the driving school. How many students have passed their licence using them?

Are there any success stories to tell? Go check out a driving school’s testimonials to determine how others experienced them.

#5 Convenience

Convenience does play a great deal in lessening those stress levels!

Verify whether the driving school offers a pick-up and drop-off service. Also, can you do both your learners test and licence test through them; do they assist you in making the licence test appointment; and do they go with you on the actual day of the test?

Predetermine what will be convenient for you and make sure your desirable driving school offers it.

General 6-Point What to Expect List

Each driving school is different and has its unique way of dealing with lessons and road tests.

However, there are essential aspects which you can expect to follow out. Do not stress! Remember that the instructor is there to guide you every inch of the way.

  • Always have your learners permit with you.
  • Before given a chance to drive you will check: if your seat is in a comfortable position; the mirrors are correctly adjusted, and important, both you’re, and the instructor’s seatbelts are on.
  • Learn the controls! Expect a thorough functional run-through of the accelerator, brake, and clutch; how and when to use the handbrake and indicators; and finally, how to change gears.
  • Now you are ready to drive. Cautiously apply what you already know, but remember, errors are inevitable. The key is to learn from them!
  • After the lesson, the instructor will give you feedback.
  • Remember to ask questions.

Take the Wheel with Confidence

Personally? Get there safe!

Don’t compromise when learning to drive.

Make sure you choose the perfect driving school to assist you in developing your driving abilities. Rather be safe and thorough than not.

Information Overload and Need to Recap?

Using the 5-Point Guideline in Choosing the Perfect Driving School for You assist in developing your driving techniques and skills.

Always remember considering the driving school’s accreditation, instructor, experience, success rate and your convenience.

The General 6-Point What to Expect List will help you arrive confidently for your first driving lesson: have your learners permit ready and know what prior checks you will have to do and what controls you will be using.

Next Steps & Call to Action

Save yourself from unnecessary pressure and choose the best driving school for you. Don’t be a Poor Susan, make the right choice and visit, today!

Pass your learners test first time

Be More than Prepared When Using Your 5-Point Not to Do Guide

Put your mind in reverse mode. Consider what you mustn’t do when preparing for your learner’s test.

Get your head around the fact that yes you can get your learners’ permit the very first time!

For adults or teenagers wanting to complete their learners’ test here are 5 Do Not Do points to avoid.

  • Don’t be too bold.
  • Don’t say too quick you understand.
  • Don’t let those negative nerves get to you.
  • Don’t stop revising.
  • Don’t be shy.

Giving You the Info to Be Legally on the Road

The first step enabling you to get that licence is your learners permit; this will allow you to drive legally on the road: naturally obeying the rule that someone with a provisional licence needs to be sitting in the passenger seat next to you!

It is an exciting venture that can have a happy ending. It is up to you! For even more info on the What and How’s click here driving school.

#01 Don’t be too bold.

Being over-confident can cause a lack in studying thoroughly.

It is easy to learn only the basic signs which you think you need to know. There are varies road signs you won’t fully comprehend if you don’t study them.

#02 Don’t say too quick you understand.

Make sure you understand what you are learning. By doing this no matter how a question is defined; you will know how to interpret it.

Use learning material that explains the varies signs and rules in an easy-to-understand manner.

#03 Don’t let those negative nerves get to you.

Tell yourself it is okay to stress and feel nervous before the test.

Use it to motivate you to put in extra effort when learning and recapping your test material. Let your nerves tell you; you can!

#04 Don’t stop revising.

Many people think that writing your learners are easy.

Maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean you should only start learning the night before or worse, going only once through the material. Keep on revising till you fully understand every aspect.

#05 Don’t be shy.

Rather feel stupid for a second, than being uneducated forever.

Direct your questions to your instructor or search the internet for answers. When you don’t understand a concept, ask!

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You have completed the yard test, and now you are ready for the road test.

But what are expected from you and what should you avoid?

There are varies technical aspects to a road test, for example doing your mirror checks contentiously.

These observations together with all the other road regulations are a lot to take in the first time. Use the What Guide to outline what you need to practice beforehand.

Or use it as a checklist to scan through before the actual test. The Not Guide is a user-friendly guide describing instant fails during the road test.

Your What Guide: Time to Take the Wheel.

It is time to test your driving skills on the road! Don’t let it be your first time on the road, use a driving school to help you double your driving hours. Also, check if you are familiar with the following; expect it during the road test:

  • Changing of lanes.
  • At least one intersection controlled by four-way stop signs.
  • At least four intersections controlled by traffic lights or stop signs.
  • At least two intersections controlled by yield sign(s).
  • If not done during the yard test you will execute the emergency stop.
  • At least 65% of the test route shall consist of public roads in an urban area.
  • A right turn shall be made at least at two of the intersections mentioned in 3.
  • At least at two intersections, a crossing of two-way traffic shall be done.

Your Not Guide: Avoid an Unnecessary Bumpy Ride.

You are so close to obtaining your provisional licence. Don’t let unnecessary drawbacks that can be prevented stand in your way.

Precheck what can cause instant fails. Below, the Not Guide will help you focus. Consider the following a friendly warning.

  • Violation of Traffic Laws
  • Uncontrolled Action
  • Collision/Mechanical Fail
  • Roll (moving backwards or forwards uncontrolled)
  • Hitting an Obstacle
  • Exceeded Number of Attempts

For more info on road tests, download the Department of Transport’s Practical Driving Test document where in detail every step is explained.

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Before taking the wheel, make sure everything is safe!

It might feel like a pointless routine, but the pre-vehicle inspection is essential. As a driver, you want to ensure you and your passengers are safe on the road.

Demonstrate the checklist to your driving school instructor, making sure you are doing it right from the beginning. Remember, also use the three helpful tips when doing the inspection; it will put you closer to obtaining that licence, swiftly!

Do Your 11-Point Check Quick and Easy

The following checklist will enable you to do the exterior vehicle inspection. Memorise it and you will not only feel more confident when doing your licence test but also be safe when on the road.

Exterior Vehicle Inspection:

  • No leaks or obstructions under the car.
  • Seat belt and door in working order.
  • Mirror and windshield secure.
  • Wiper blade un-perished.
  • Tyre tread and pressure checked, wheel secure.
  • Headlights and bonnet secure.
  • Water, oil, brake fluid and fan belt checked.
  • The left side of car same as previous (doors, mirrors, tyres and wheels).
  • Licence disc valid and petrol cap secure.
  • Back window and tail lights secure / not cracked, boot securely closed.
  • Both the back door and tyre are same as previous.

Click here for interior inspection for light motor vehicle drivers, as outlined by the Department of Transport for a Practical driving test.

Three Useful Tips for You to Keep in Mind

Add together a pre-ordered list and a bunch of nerves, and you might feel like forgetting your vehicle inspection checklist.

Follow these three tips, and be surprised how easily you can do it!

  • Take a deep breath and start slowly.
  • Speak in a loud and clear voice.
  • Think methodically. Start at the driver’s side and slowly make your way counter-clockwise around the car.

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Feeling so close, yet so far?

Don’t give up on obtaining your driver’s licence. Together with enough stress and too much info you need to recap.

Before going to your provisional licence test make sure you can tick off the 6-point yard checklist. You will be asked to complete six manoeuvres. Exercising these procedures will immediately enable you to be confident and ready for your licence test.

Also, use the instant fail list to double check what to avoid during the test. Remember that your confidence and ability to complete the yard test outweigh the instant fail list that might seem a little intimidating, at first.

Your Five Plus One Yard Test Tick-Off List

Whether you are still deciding on doing your licence, or almost ready for the test: this list allows you to quickly recap or introduces you to what to expect during a provisional licence yard test. Being informed enables you to go prepared!

  • Pre-trip Inspection
  • Alley docking (Left and Right)
  • Incline Start
  • Three Point Turn
  • Parallel Parking (Left and Right)
  • Emergency Stop

Not yet familiar with the above terms? Avoid unnecessary stress and let a driving school assist you in getting your licence quick and smooth the first time.

Instant Fails Vs. You Can Do It.

Don’t be intimidated by the instant fail list. Practice and revise beforehand to avoid possible disappointments.

Know what to focus on, and give extra attention to the following instant yard test fails:

  • Roadworthiness of Vehicle
  • Violation of Traffic Laws
  • Uncontrolled Action
  • Collision/Mechanical Fail
  • Roll (moving backwards or forwards uncontrolled
  • Hitting an Obstacle
  • Exceeded Number of Attempts
  • Mounts Kerb
  • Number of Movements
  • Touching of Line/Road Marking
  • Exceeding 20 Minutes
  • Allocated More than 50 Penalty Points

Don’t let the list leave you in despair. You know what to focus on, and do exactly just that!

For more info on yard tests, download the Department of Transport’s Practical Driving Test document, where a detailed explanation for every step is available.

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Yes, recapping is compulsory. Make sure you have practised and revised all manoeuvres and inspection routines before attending your licence test.

Don’t feel uninformed on the day of the test. Double check and make use of a professional driving school to get it right and safe the first time!

You can be legal on the road!

Take the wheel with confidence and assurance when you know what is waiting for you. Don’t let instant fails get to you, practice beforehand and intentionally focus on doing the right thing.

Take action by using the What and Not Guides to assist you in getting that licence!

Carefully memorise the vehicle inspection routine and be not only self-assured during your licence test but also safe when you are on the road.

Take a deep breath before you recite the checklist, and take a step closer to obtaining your licence!

Yes, it is possible to get your learner’s permit the first time around!

Remember, don’t be over-confident, make sure you understand everything, use the nerves to your advantage, don’t stop revising and ask questions in moments of uncertainties. Go and get that learner licence, don’t say you can’t!

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