Thomas Hall

Driving Schools Expert

Thomas is a leading driving school instructor with over 15-years of experience.

Through his years in the industry, he has fostered lasting relationships with some of the leading driving schools in the country, realising the opportunity to create the digital platform, DrivingSchoolNearMe.


Thomas received his driving teaching qualification and a diploma in web development from his local college. His passion for people is what set him in the direction of becoming a driving instructor.


Thomas has worked as a driving instructor in the 3 major cities, enjoying travelling and engaging with many people.

Once meeting his wife, he settled in his home town and thought up DrivingSchoolNearMe. He set out to create the site using his web development courses, and it’s been his passion ever since.


Today, Thomas is so grateful to work from home, see his kids grow up, and run his incredible site, DrivingSchoolNearMe, working with a diverse range of industry experts.

He is grateful to all the stakeholders and readers who have made the site what it is today.

Find the Best Driving School Near Me NOW.

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Thomas Hall
DrivingSchoolsNearMe Founder

Thomas is an advanced driver and driving instructor who teaches new candidates, along with advanced driver’s, the skills to enhance their driving competence and make them the best driver’s to their ability.