Nicola Date

Writer and Journalist

Writer, entrepreneur, and lifestyle brand owner Nicola Date is a dynamic edition to the DrivingSchoolNearMe team.


Nicola has had a colorful career after completing an honors degree in the Arts, majoring in business management. During her time at university, she developed a passion for sustainable living and automotive.


Upon graduating, Nicola explored various avenues in the arts and charity sector, enjoying a 10-year freelance career spanning film, theatre, PR, marketing, events, and more.

It was a bad bout of COVID-19 and a successful article detailing her experience that led Nicola towards her core passion; creating engaging, factual, and ‘to the point’ content.

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Thomas Hall
DrivingSchoolsNearMe Founder

Thomas is an advanced driver and driving instructor who teaches new candidates, along with advanced driver’s, the skills to enhance their driving competence and make them the best driver’s to their ability.